Carolina Anglers Team Trail, LLC
Brett Collins Owner/Operator
PO Box 368
Ridgeway, SC 29130
(803) 413-7521

1.MEMBERSHIP – Each SPRING, SUMMER, FALL CATT Trail requires a $35 membership fee. CATT pays back 100% of the entry fee in each trail. Anyone under the age of 16 will not be charged a membership fee. Anyone disqualified from a sanctioned event for blatant rule violations will not be allowed to enter a CATT event.

2. PARTNERS – Teams consist of two (2) anglers. Single anglers will be allowed to enter a CATT event and must fish any Final or the CATT Championship single if a partner is not used during the Qualifiers. At least one (1) member must be 21 years of age. Each angler must possess a valid fishing license.

3. SUBS – Sub fee is $15.00 at any CATT event.

3A – A team may use a sub at any original CATT Qualifier. A team is allowed to sub more than once at original CATT Trails. NO NEW SUBS AT THE FINAL. A team at the Final must consist of both original partners or an original partner and a sub that was used during the Qualifiers.

4. FINAL & CHAMPIONSHIP QUALIFICATIONS – Payment for a CATT event for the sole purpose of Final Qualification and not physically fishing in the event is not allowed. NEW SUBS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT A CATT CHAMPIONSHIP. A CATT Championship or Final team must consist of the two (2) original partners or a sub that the team used during a CATT Trail Qualifier.

5. HOLE SITTING – A team having someone who is a competitor or non-competitor sitting on a location for the sole purpose of holding the location for the team will be disqualified. This rule violation will result in the competitors and non-competitors being banned from any and all future CATT events.

6. POINTS – Ten (10) show-up points will be awarded at each CATT Qualifier. First Place will receive one hundred (100) points, Second Place ninety nine (99) points, Third Place, ninety eight (98) points, etc. The last Qualifier of any CATT Trail will be a double point event. CATT Trail point winners will receive free entry and blast-off position #1 at the Final. Second in CATT Trail points receives position #2 and Third in points blast-off #3 at the Final. (Kerr/Gaston & Old North point winners receive free entry to following year trail.)

7. CATT DEFINITION OF A PRO — Any bass angler who has entered more than one bass tournament that requires an entry fee greater than $2,500 in the immediately preceding six months prior to the date of the CATT event being entered will not be allowed to enter. BFL, FLW Costa Series, and BASS Weekend anglers will be allowed to enter any CATT event. BASS OPEN, FLW & BASS Co-anglers will be allowed to enter any CATT event.

8. GUIDE – Any angler who has guided thirty (30) or more trips on tournament waters in a twelve (12) month period immediately preceding to the date of the CATT event being entered will not be eligible to enter. Salt water guides are exempt from the guide rule. This rule will be included on the polygraph exam. Both members of a team will be tested. Refusal to take polygraph exam for any reason — health reasons included — will result in disqualification.

9. START TIME – The majority of CATT events will begin at safe daylight and end at 3:00 PM unless weather is a factor. There may be some exceptions. In case of break down or emergency, anglers will be allowed to enter a CATT tournament after blast off.

10. TROLLING OR LONG LINING — Trolling or Long Lining will not be allowed at any CATT event and will result in disqualification. No live bait is allowed. All fish must be caught on rod/reel and artificial bait.

11. LIMITS – All CATT events have a five (5) bass limit. Length limits will be determined by DNR length rule in effect for the tournament lake. A four (4) ounce penalty will de deducted for each dead fish weighed. The four (4) ounce penalty will not be subtracted from a team’s Big Fish weight, but will be deducted from the teams total weight. A team bringing more than five (5) bass to the scales will results in loss of the team’s tournament Big Fish eligibility. A team must have a working livewell.

12. BLAST-OFF POSITIONS – Blast-off position is determined by order of payment. Any team blasting off out of position will be warned for first offense. Second offense will result in disqualification.

13. OFF LIMITS — The following off limits rules apply:

13A - CATT events have no off limits time period.

13B - Areas of a lake that will be off limits are all areas designated off limits by the state DNR. A team will be disqualified if rule 13B is violated.

13C - Casting over any skimmer wall or any dam wall is not allowed. Doing so will result in permanent disqualification from all future CATT events.

13D - Any areas that are not accessible by boat are off limits, as well as any other areas specified by CATT as off limits on any given lake.

14. CULL RULE – Fish must be culled when the five (5) fish limit is reached. Not culling will results in one (1) warning. Second violation will result in disqualification.

15. TIES – Each team will have a Big Fish weighed in order to break a total weight tie. Total weight will break a Big Fish tie (except at CATT Championships where the prize money will be split).

16. LATE PENALTY – One (1) pound per minute will be deducted from a team’s total weight for each minute the team is late. Returning to the ramp more than fifteen (15) minutes past the designated weigh-in time will result in disqualification.

17. POLYGRAPH – Winners and participants are subject to a polygraph exam at any CATT event. Any angler who has failed a polygraph exam in the past fifteen (15) years will not be allowed to enter a CATT event. Refusal to take a polygraph for any reason will result in disqualification.

18. ALCOHOL, ILLEGAL DRUGS, & FELONS – No alcohol or illegal drugs may be consumed during tournament hours. Anyone who has been convicted of a felony in the past 7 years from tournament date will not be allowed to enter a CATT event.

19. WEATHER – In the event of heavy fog, lightning, heavy rain, or any other weather-related problems, the Director can postpone or cancel the tournament. In the event of high winds, trailering will be an option. This decision will be made by the CATT Director.

20. CELL PHONE – Cell phones may be used during tournament hours for family, business, and emergency calls. No cell phone discussions pertaining to fishing are allowed during tournament hours.

21. PAYBACK & ENTRY FEES – Pre-paid entries are refundable if conflicts arise causing a team to withdraw from the competition. (Director or CATT owner must be notified before start of tournament.)

21A – A portion of each Qualifier is held back and goes into the Final Fund of the lake the Qualifier was held on. A CATT GOLD may be included in schedule. A small portion of entry fee goes to the CATT Championship Fund. Two (2) Big Fish places will be paid. One (1) place paid for every five (5) teams entered. $80 Qualifiers & $120 Finals. $10 late fee at the ramp. One (1) extra place may be paid at the Final. That decision will be made by CATT director.

21B – CATT CHAMPIONSHIPS are 100% payback with the Championship funds added in. Entry fee is $180 per team. $200 at the ramp. BONUS $ is $50. Up to four (4) BONUS $ places may be paid. One (1) place for every six (6) teams entered. One (2) Big Fish places will be paid.

22. BONUS $ (OPTIONAL) - $25 BONUS Fee - $20 paid to the highest finishing team in the side pot. $5 of each side pot entry goes toward plaques for the trail. Some CATT Trails may pay up to four (4) places depending on number of teams entered.

22A – $50 BONUS Fee - $45 paid back. $5 of each side pot entry goes toward plaques for the trail.

23. LIFE JACKET & KILL SWITCH – A life jacket for each angler and the boat motor kill switch must be in use while big motor is in operation. Failure to comply will result in disqualification. Life vests must be Coast Guard approved. Excessive speed and reckless driving will result in disqualification.

24. BOATS - Any boat equipped with a motor exceeding the Coast Guard approved rating for the boat will not be allowed for use in a CATT event. No boat equipped with "stick steering" shall be permitted. "Stick steering" shall be as defined by the Tournament Director. Jet drive engines are not allowed during both official practice and competition. Boats must be a minimum of 16 feet. A working livewell is required.

25. GAS CAN & JUGS – No gas can be placed on the bank for use in a CATT event. Gas can not be brought to a team for the sole purpose of enabling the team to advance to other fishing areas or in order to travel back to the weigh-in location. Gas may be obtained from a marina that is available to all participants. One (1) extra gas tank with fittings will be allowed in the boat during tournament hours.

26. ASSISTANCE (Break Down) — If a team receives assistance from a competitor or non-competitor, it must be brought to the Director’s attention for approval. If possible, a phone call should be made to the Director to receive clearance for any help a team receives during tournament hours. If a call cannot be made, the instance must be brought to the Director’s attention before weigh-in. One team member can return to the weigh-in with the team’s catch in another competitor’s boat or non-competitor’s boat. A team member can exit the boat in case of the call of nature, emergency, or to pay for gas. A team member cannot exit the boat in order to advance the boat into a fishing area.

27. PROTESTS – All protests should be made to the CATT Director. Protests must be brought to the CATT Director’s attention immediately after weigh-in is concluded. Any protest brought at a later time will not be reviewed. All CATT Directors’ decisions are final.

28. – CATT reserves the right to refuse any entry for any reason which will be determined by the Director.

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