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Yadkin Open #3 May 28, 2017

CATT has teamed up with Terus Fishing Apparel!

The partnership between CATT and Terus, not only brings two quality companies together, it comes with the opportunity to win a massive amount of gear awarded, through the loyalty program, at every event to the top place finishers. At EVERY event throughout the 2016 Fall, 2017 Spring, and 2017 Summer Schedules, the First place team of each event will receive from Terus Fishing Apparel a $50 Gift Card; Big Fish winner will receive a $25 Gift Card; and in addition, if the first place finishing team are members of the Loyalty Program, they will win an additional $50 Gift Card... More than $20,000 in additional payout of Terus Fishing Gear in the coming season!!

Give their Facebook page a like Terus Fishing Apparael

Lews products awarded at each 2017 CATT Final!

Remember guys CATT offer multiple boat owner incentives…Skeeter Real Money, Triton Gold, Stratos 2x, Phoenix First Flight, Basscat Quest and Legend Advantage.

The Next Yadkin Open is June 25th at High Rock out of Tamarac Marina!

CATT Yadkin Open Tuckertown May 28, 2017
Big Total Total
Place                                    Team Big Fish Weight Winnings
1 Jeremy Talbott - Todd Haynes 6.48 22.06 $575.00 
2 Jerry Bono - Marty Williams 0.00 14.96 $90.00 
3 Butch Drew - Dan Funderburke 0.00 10.89
4 Mitch & Kenny Drew 0.00 10.51
5 Paul Tsiolkey - Anthony Tsiolkey 4.88 8.13
6 Byron Brush - Kevin farley 2.78 2.78
Yadkin Open Final Fund $670.00 

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