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2016-17 CATTfish Schedule

Event Date Lake - Landing  
Qualifier 1 October 15, 2016 Wylie - Buster Boyd Results
Qualifier 2 November 12, 2016 Fishing Creek - Hwy 21 Access Results
Qualifier 3 December 10, 2016 Wateree - State Park Results
Qualifier 4 January 14, 2017 Wylie - Buster Boyd Results
Qualifier 5 February 11, 2017 Wateree - State Park Results
Final March 11, 2017 Wylie - Buster Boyd Results

Carolina CATT CattFish 2016-2017 RULES

1. Membership – Each angler entering is required to pay a $35 membership fee. Anyone under the age of 16 or 65 and older will not be charged a membership.

2. Fees – Qualifers are $90 per team. Championship will be $130 per team. Optional side pot $25 which will be awarded to top teams in the side pot. Number of side pot places paid will be determined by number of teams in the side pot. $5 of the side pot goes to trophy fund.

3. Payback – Each event will pay back 1 Place for every 5 boats entered. 2 BF place will be paid. A portion of each Qualifier will be go into the Championship fund. Championship purse will consist of Championship entry fees plus Championship Fund. 1 BF place will be paid. Side pot will pay up to 4 places depending upon how many teams enter.

4. Points – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place points will receive cash prizes. 50%-30%-20%

5. Championship Qualification – A team only has to enter 1 Qualifier to be eligible to enter the Championship.

6. Team Members – Teams may have up to four (4) anglers. At least 1 member must be 21 years of age. Each angler must possess a valid fishing licence. A team can join at any qualifier.

7. Weather – In case of extreme water/weather conditions, CATT LLC reserves the right to postpone or cancel this event with the return of entry fees by mail. In the event of a cancellation info will be posted on Carolina CATT web page

8. Registration – Registration will be held the morning of the competition at event location. There will be a brief meeting the morning of the event. Blast off & weigh in at same location.

9. Fishing Hours – Fishing hours will be 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

10. Fishing Location – Teams must compete from a boat. Only areas prohibited are areas marked by DNR off limits.

11. Safety – Teams must comply with state fishing and boating regulations, including the use of PFDs and kill switches. Fishing and boating licenses are the responsibility of team members

12. Bait-Rods-Hooks – Any legal commercial or natural bait will be allowed. No fishing known chum holes. Up to 10 (10) rods can be used. No more than 2 hooks on one line.

13. Length Limit – Fish must be a minimum of 15” in length to be weighed.

14. Creel – Blue Cat, Channel Cat, White or Flathead Cat may be weighed. A team limit of 3 fish maximum - must be alive to weigh in.

15. Ties - Each team will have a big fish weighed. In event of a tie BF will break the tie. Total weight breaks a BF tie.

16. Polygraph – Any team having a member who fails or refuses to take a polygraph test or whose condition does not permit administration of a test because of contestant’s use of alcohol or drugs will be disqualified and that team will not be allowed to participate in any future CATT LLC events.

17. Protest - Any protest must be made in writing to the tournament director within 30 minutes following the end of the official weigh-in. A protest must state the rule number(s) broken. A $50 non-refundable protest fee is required.

18. Beverages – The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during fishing hours of any CATT LLC event.

19. Sportsmanship – Wanton unsportsmanlike conduct may be grounds for disqualification if circumstances require. Decision of Tournament Director will be final

20. Refunds – A teams entry fee is refundable or can be moved to another event. Director must be notified before start of event.

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